Garment Care
We have a vertical Quality Assurance System from fibre sourcing, yarn spinning, final yarn, knitting to garment packing. Our system has been engineered to guarantee 100% customers satisfaction through continual improvement programs.
The quality management system has been designed and tailor made to offer an effective and efficient service to all internal and external customers.
Process control and acceptance sampling techniques are applied to guarantee conformity of product. Our internal benchmark is an acceptance quality level of 2.5%.
Each customer is followed by a Customer Response Team (CRT) which allows efficient service. The CRT consists of Sale managers, Merchandisers, Product leaders, Customer Satisfaction Officers offering quick response and a world class service.
AustinWool (Acrylic 50%, Wool 50%)
Cashwool (100% Merino Wool)
Pacific Wool (100% Merino)
Silk Cashmere (Silk 80%, Cashmere 20%)

Dry Clean only.
You can find all the washing instructions on the care label inside every PortoBello garment.

Soft Viscose (Cotton 50%, Viscose 50%)
Machine wash incold water using a wool detergent, spin the excess water out in the washing machine and air dry naturally. Soft Viscose garments can be drycleaned also. -->